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Improving your swimming pool equipment: only a few constraints for many benefits

Now that the summer season has ended, were you able to enjoy your swimming pool as much as you wanted? We all know how wonderful it can be to relax by the pool.

But to fully enjoy these moments, it is important to ensure the swimming pool is operating optimally. For you, is this an easy task or is it more of a chore?

Are you ready to enjoy your pool with greater comfort? Or with greater peace of mind? Or by achieving greater savings?

In any case, the end of the summer season is the ideal moment to start thinking about ways to ensure that the following bathing season is even better...

In this article, you are about to discover numerous solutions to reach this goal!


Use your swimming pool renovations to improve your facilities

There is a wide range of improvements you can make to your swimming pool: from a simple filter swap to the overhaul of the entire swimming pool, everything is possible. The swimming pool liner should be entirely refurbished every 10 to 15 years of use, or every 15 to 20 years of use for a pool with a reinforced liner.

These significant renovation works will therefore inevitably be undertaken in the course of a swimming pool’s life cycle: they provide the ideal opportunity to ensure the sealed parts are properly waterproofed or to identify and rectify piping issues as the swimming pool is empty.

But beyond these indispensable works, it is also the ideal moment to consider the installation of high performance equipment, which will facilitate and optimise the upkeep of the swimming pool, while making it more virtuous.


Improvements to bathe longer and more comfortably

It is such a delight to be able to bathe on cooler days, thanks to the installation of a heat pump; however, the pool must first be provided with a cover system.

The water of an uncovered pool cools down, evaporates continuously, and requires the pool to be filled more frequently with cold running water. A cover also provides a little added safety, while protecting from dirt and UV light (which destroys the chlorine). This is therefore an installation that amply merits your consideration as it increases your enjoyment of the pool, while also making it more virtuous.

The next step is the installation of a heat pump between the filter and the water processing system. This is the most virtuous heating system, delivering the most heat for any given power consumption by transferring the heat from the air to the water, rather than creating it. And with a heat pump, you will be able to start enjoying your pool earlier in the year, and extend that enjoyment later in the autumn season!


swimming pool in winter


Pool improvements for greater peace of mind

Automating is a simple and efficient means to (partially) free yourself of pool maintenance duties and to alleviate uncertainty or the risk of improper handling. There are many applications that are designed to make your swimming pool “smart”.


Automating water processing operations

Imagine a world where you do not have to control the water quality of your pool, thanks to a system that handles everything for you... It is now possible with an automated water treatment system.

The first step is automatic pH regulation, associated or not with the injection of disinfectant in the form of liquid chlorine or through electrolysis (ORP).

Such a system, following the Pentair virtuous pool global principle, offers the great advantage of using the right dose of processing products at the right moment.

You can rest assured that only a minimum quantity of products is used, thereby preventing the over- or under-dosing of chlorine of your pool, which frequently occurs when the water is treated by means of pucks in the skimmers for instance.

Furthermore, a controlled use of the processing products protects the equipment and the liner, which are sensitive to these chemicals.


Automated filtration pump operations

Automating the pump is another means to ensure greater peace of mind. The system allows the pump to operate longer in order to prevent the proliferation of bacteria when the water is heated, and inversely when the water cools.

This is a useful feature of single-speed pumps, but also of variable speed pumps. When operating at low speed, they can let debris accumulate at the water surface of the pool: the water must therefore be regularly skimmed by operating the pump at high speed for a few minutes, which is something an automatic installation can handle for you.


Automating the filling of the pool

The water in a swimming pool evaporates continuously, and even more so when there is wind and the air is dry. If the water level sinks below the skimmers when the pump is operating, the pump runs empty: in this case, the motor heats up very quickly, which can cause irreparable damage your filtration pump. The automatic filling of the pool protects you from that risk.

It should be noted that this type of installation requires its own water meter to ensure a standard level of water consumption, which would not unnecessarily compensate for a leak of the pool.

Despite this practical constraint, automating the water level of the swimming pool is clearly a benefit in terms of peace of mind.


swimming pool automation


Improvements for increased savings

In addition to increased comfort and peace of mind, most of the improvements for your swimming pool help create significant savings!

Typically, the replacement of a single-speed pump by a variable speed pump is one of most obvious improvements for nearly any type of swimming pool. Beyond the power savings achieved by the pump operating at lower speeds, it also enables the continuous filtration of the water, and therefore continuous quality control. Thus, there will be no further need to solve green water issues with aggressive and expensive chemicals that totally go against the virtuous approach.

Furthermore, swapping the sand filter for a cartridge filter is a highly efficient means to achieve savings at various levels. A four-cartridge filter allows finer filtration operations: the water thus requires less maintenance. The filter is suitably sized, and it is also possible to clean it only once per season: this provides for great water savings compared with the backwashing process that is sometimes imposed with a sand filter (and therefore more comfort, too).

Obviously, the solutions mentioned above are also ways to achieve savings: an automated single-speed pump stops at night, thereby reducing noise and unnecessary power consumption. The automatic processing of water ensures that the equipment lasts longer, because a smaller quantity of chemicals is used.

Finally, pool renovations are also the perfect moment to swap the incandescent lighting of the pool for a LED lighting system. This type of light bulb uses less electricity and its operation can be automated, which allows for remote controlling of the system and a variety of varied colours - in short, many advantages in terms of comfort and cost savings.


How to improve a pool: a fundamental question that requires your consideration

The various improvements mentioned in this article should be considered when renovating a pool, but they can also be considered on a year-to-year basis.

There is one fundamental question you need to ask yourself, and that is the following: what investments am I ready to make for my swimming pool, so that I can enjoy it in a simpler manner, with more comfort and increased cost savings?

The current equipment, such as that manufactured by Pentair, facilitates pool maintenance work in ways that were impossible only a few years ago. It is the perfect opportunity to improve your life ... while making your pool more virtuous.